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Updated Proposed Service Modifications Effective: Monday. November 4, 2019

After hosting fifteen public information meetings in various communities throughout Birmingham, and also reviewing feedback from our dedicated riders, we have decided to make revisions to the original proposals. In an effort to lessen the financial impact on our riders, a gradual increase in BJCTA fares is recommended to occur over a two-year span for fixed route. There are no proposed changes to paratransit fares. See below for the details of the new fare proposals, as well as frequently asked questions about both route modifications and fare increases.  No final decisions have been made about changes to the proposed route modifications, but we will notify you should that occur. The new proposals will be presented  to the BJCTA Board of Directors for a vote on September 18, 2019.The effective date for BJCTA proposed route modifications and fare increases has been postponed. No changes to service will occur on September 23, 2019. Riders can expect to be notified about the new effective date for changes soon. Thank you for choosing MAX Transit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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